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Born and raised in Andalusia (Spain), I currently live and work in Madrid. I completed a 4-year degree in Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada and studied a postgraduate degree in Translation and Language Industries at the ISTIBrussels.

A passion for travel and languages set me off on a personal and professional voyage that has led me to live in the United Kingdom, the United States, Dominican Republic and Belgium, where I worked as a teacher of Spanish and as a translator with several translation companies, both large (SDLLionbridge) and not so large (ITPTelelinguaiLanguage).

I have been translating freelance for several years now, though. I specialize in editorial and literary translation, particularly non-fiction (international politics, cultureart, photography, travel), fiction (novels, short stories), press articles and biographies for publishers such as AlfaguaraTaurusGrijalboDebateTurnerLa Fábrica or GG.

I also do legal and technical translations, including officially certified translations, and website content localization, and perform related tasks, such as revision and project management.

Finally, I teach professional translation at Cálamo&Cran y(Madrid) and am a member of ACEtt and ProZ.

Please, take a look at my CV to find out more about the projects I have worked on. And thank you for your greatly appreciated visit!




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